Clickin Moms Breakout Review: Photo Video Fusion 101

I recently had the opportunity to purchase a new breakout session from the Clickin Moms Store, Photo Video Fusion 101 by Vanessa Joy & Rob Adams. I have had my eye on it for sometime as it is something I would like to potentially implement into my business in the near future. For $60, I was blown away by the amount of information and knowledge that I received.

First of all, Vanessa & Rob explain everything thoroughly in an awesome video and since I am a very visual person, it was super easy for me to follow along and stay focused. They cover all the necessary topics you need to know to get started including:

  • Camera Settings
  • Camera Equipment
  • Video Accessories
  • Filming Technique
  • Recommended Editing Software
  • Editing in Photoshop with PhVusion Effects (available in their online store)
  • Creating a Fusion Slideshow
  • Creating a Fusion Album (really cool feature!)
  • Delivery of your products to your clients

They also provided the types of equipment that they, personally, use and recommend which vital pieces of equipment you should invest into first to get started. Even though there are a ton of PRO’s to this breakout, there is one little CON. You do need to invest into some of the extras on their website to help with post processing, unless you are already have hands on experience with a professional video editing software program like Adobe Premiere Pro. I, actually, have the program but have never used it until today and it definitely requires a huge learning curve!

So, I decided to do a little practicing today with what I learned. Please note, this was a very last minute decision, with little preparation on my end and very little Photoshop editing. This is also my very first time putting something like this together and I used a program I have never worked with before so don’t be too harsh on me (this took me forever). I know there is a lot more learning and practicing on my end to get to a point where its worthy of being something I offer. However, I am kinda biased here, since it is a video of my own, two little monkeys and I will cherish it no matter how much there is technically wrong with it!



All in all, this breakout was definitely worth the money. I know its something I can refer back to as I learn, and there is A LOT of learning involved. I am really looking forward to polishing up my skills, fine tuning my technique, and creating lots of “practice” videos of my littles in the meantime. 

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  • Heather BaldwinJuly 16, 2013 - 4:01 am

    LOVE IT SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! Fab job!!!!!ReplyCancel

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