4 Reasons Why You Should Print Photos From Your Session

Are you thinking of reasons why you should print the photos from your session? We live in an era where we can take thousands of pictures and store them digitally. The problem is that the fast-paced world sometimes stops us from going through images and recalling those moments. 

Print Photos From Your Session

4 Reasons Why You Should Print Photos From Your Session

If you want tangible and personalized keepsakes, your best insurance is to produce a physical copy of your photoshoot pictures. Technology can be unreliable at times, so you can use prints to retain quality while ensuring that the photos can last for several generations. 

Control of the Finished Product

The downside of keeping digital files is that the size and quality often depend on the screen or monitor that you’re viewing the images through. Photographers take time to edit photos so that the colors will be ideal and the details will be crisp when printed. Oftentimes, this can get lost when only looking at the images through your phone!  

With prints, you have full control over the final product in terms of how everyone around you will view it. You can work with your photographer and do things like:

  • Showcase your family portrait session in your new home by blowing up a photo to fit the wall
  • Create a wall collage in the nursery room from your maternity session to showcase that special chapter in your life  
  • Experiment with different textured prints, such as canvas or metal prints to fit your home’s aesthetic

Tangible Memory

Imagine the feeling when you visit your grandparents’ house, and you flip through lots of photo albums. It’s like you get a glimpse of what happened back then and understand them.  

You can continue that feeling with your pictures. A photo print is something you can touch, unlike images you see on a phone or computer screen. When you print images, you let the pictures come to life and serve as a physical souvenir. 

Moreover, a study shows that children experienced a 37% increase in self-esteem behaviors after working on printed images of themselves and created scrapbooks. Your kids can use prints from maternity, newborn, family, and lifestyle shoots to have the same learning experience.

Quality and Durability

Do you have a box full of old pictures from years or generations ago? While those prints may have smudges or discoloration, you can ensure that the prints survived technological advancements. We may not say the same for digital files.

JPEG files degrade overtime. Downloading and re-saving files over and over again can cause images to lose the integrity of their elements. When you print your session photos right away, you get to use the highest-quality versions.

If you’re using Facebook or Instagram as an online album, you’ll notice that the uploaded photos suffer from poor quality. You hired a professional photographer for a reason, and that is to ensure high-quality output. You can use prints to ensure that your session photos retain quality. 


Even if you use technology often, there’s some point in time when scouring through thousands of digital photos can be tiresome. 

Do you recall when we transitioned from using floppy disks, then CD, and eventually hard drives and cloud services? Time flies fast, and so does technology.

  • No matter how cautious we are, there are instances where you (or your kids) might accidentally delete photos, even the backup files. 
  • Online storage services have excellent security systems, yet they can still experience platform crashes or going out of business. 
  • Some people are not tech-savvy. They may not have the same digital capabilities as you have.
  • It’s more practical to look at prints on walls, frames, and photo albums every day than loading tons of files each time you want to see something.
  • Digital collections sometimes include unwanted photos. Prints, on the other hand, are most likely the handpicked shots. 


Losing images due to disruptions and changes can be disheartening. The good thing is that printed photos can help preserve precious memories. Make sure to have your pictures printed through a professional printing service so that you can collect beautiful prints, albums, wall arts, and other mementos.

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