The “C” Family – Family Photographer Las Vegas

As a family photographer in Las Vegas, spring is my favorite time of year for sessions. We have very limited green locations, but the Desert National Wildlife Refuge never disappoints. I am so grateful to be one of the very limited number of photographers who are granted a permit here every year. Pair this location with one of my most favorite returning families and it’s a win all around.

I met this beautiful family a few years back and they have since come to me for several family sessions both on location and in-home. They have become wonderful clients for both my husband and myself and I have enjoyed watching their beautiful kids grow. Their smiles are just so infectious. This family photographer may or may have not been attacked by field stickers for some for some of these shots, but it was so worth it! Here are some of my absolute favorites from their session last spring.

Family Photographer
Family Photographer
family Photographer
Family Photographer
Family Photographer

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