Wardrobe Planning for In-Home Portraits

Wardrobe planning for in-home portraits is a very important part to creating an amazing portrait. It’s really important to consider the colors of your home while planning out what to wear for your family portraits. You want to decide on a color palette that compliments the colors of your home.

For instance, if your home has a lot of whites and grays with a modern sleek look, then you would want come up with a neutral color palette for your wardrobe. If your home as a lot of bolder warmer tones, then creating color palette with more earthy tones will help to compliment that environment. 

Wardrobe planning for in-home portraits

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Wardrobe Planning for Newborn Sessions

For in-home newborn sessions its important for mom to feel comfortable. Remember you are still healing from birth. So select an outfit that you feel comfortable in first. Then plan everyone’s wardrobe around what you have chosen whether it a be a gorgeous gown or your most comfortable jeans.

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I always have several different color wraps on hand that I bring with me to all newborn sessions, but I also love the look of a comfortable organic onesie like these ones from Loved Baby.

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When wardrobe planning for in-home portraits, the idea is to not be matchy matchy, but rather compliment each other with your chosen palette. You want to decide on a color palette that includes 3-5 colors to include throughout your wardrobe.

I have put together a Style Board on Pinterest that has more examples for you. You will see how the colors of the wardrobe are complimenting the rooms so you know what that looks like.

I also have a small number of dresses on hand in my own Client Closet that Clients are welcome to borrow for their session. You can view them below. Please feel free to let me know if you want to set up a a time to try on anything from my Client Closet. 

I am very good at helping to style my clients for their sessions. If you need feedback and assistance with styling, you can send me an email and I will assist you in putting together a personalized style board for your portrait session.

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